Water Heater
October 17, 2016
Solar Traffic Lights
October 17, 2016

Solar Power Plant

It is a premier product of the company. The Solar Power Plant converts sunlight into electricity by using photovoltaics (PV). PV converts light into electric current using the photoelectric current. The company installs Power Plants varying between capacities of 1Kw to 1000 Mw. They can substitute the energy requirements of domestic, commercial and industrial units. The solar power photovoltaic array configuration is a dc system with battery backup, is essentially the same as the one without the battery except that there are a few additional components that are required to provide battery for charging stability. Stand-alone PV system arrays are connected in series to obtain the desired dc voltage, such as 12V dc to 480V dc outputs of that are in turn connected to DC array.The output of the dc solar array, which represents the collective amperes and voltages of the overall array group, is connected to a dc charge inverter‐cum‐charge controller, which regulates the current output and prevents the voltage level from exceeding the maximum needed for charging the batteries. The output of the inverter‐cum‐ charge controller is connected to the battery bank by means of a dual dc cut‐off disconnect. Under normal operation, during the day time when there is adequate solar isolation, the load is supplied with dc power while simultaneously charging the battery..