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October 17, 2016
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Solar Street Light

Solar Street Light

The device is powered by photovoltaic cell mounted on a pole. The photovoltaic panels charge a rechargeable battery, which powers a LED lamp during the night. Powered during the day, the street light has enough back up to last through the night. Solar street light available in 9W,12W,15W,18W,24W,28W and 30W.
specifications SSL 9watt SSL 12 Watt SSL 15 watt SSL 18 Watt SSL 24 Watt
LED Luminary Capacity 9watt Lumens: 990 12 watt Lumens: 1320 15 watt Lumens: 1650 18 watt Lumens: 1980 24 watt Lumens: 2640
Module Capacity 40 watt 50 watt 75 watt 100 watt 100 watt/ 120 watt
Pole Length 6 meter (GI) 6 meter (GI) 6 meter (GI) 6 meter (GI) 6 meter (GI)
Battery Capacity 40 ah (Tubular battery) 40 ah (Tubular battery) 75 ah (Tubular Battery) 75 ah (Tubular Battery) 75 ah/ 100ah (Tubular Battery)

All In One Solar Street Light

  All in one Street Light is Fitted with Inbuilt battery and Solar panel on the back side of light. All in one solar light is also fitted with day light sensor which automatically switches On or Off according to atmospheric Light. The Battery is Sufficient enough to keep brightening the light all night. Available in 12 watt and 15 watt.
Integrated Solar Light 15 W
Solar Panel max power 18V 30W (mono solar panel)
Life Time 25 Years
Battery Type 12.8V 10AH LiFePo4 lithium battery
lifetime 5 years
LED LAMP (With Sensor) Max Power 15W
LED Chip Brand Epistar 2835
Lumen (LM) 1500-1650lm
Colour temp 6000k
Life time 50000 hours
Viewing Angle 120°
Controler Kind IP65 MPPT controler for Lithium battery
Charge Time By Sun 7 Hrs
Discharge Time Saving Power Mode More then 20 Hrs
Working Temp Range(°C) -20°C + 6°C
Mouting Height Range(m) 4-5 m
Space between light range(m) 10-15 m
Material of body Aluminium Alloy